About us

Cambridge Studies LTD is a registered agent for numerous language academies across the world as well as offering access to an extensive range of degree courses at leading UK Universities. The company was founded by Alfonso Rodriguez Lecuona in 2000 and has grown to become a leader in student mobility

Our company offers consulting services with the objective of helping international students coming to the UK, in particular those wishing to study in Cambridge.

Cambridge Studies Ltd. has also successfully designed and implemented many entrepreneurial bridges, stays, trips in the UK.

Our team is made up of various former foreign students, who have experienced first hand what it is like to study abroad which means we have the expertise to ensure that from start to end your studies abroad are as enjoyable and stress free as possible

To help you find and enroll in British universities and academies

Cambridge Studies is small enough to deal with each student as an individual but has a large network of contacts to offer our clients variety and competitive prices.

Cambridge Studies Ltd. is a UK registered company and is based in Cambridge.

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